Hi there;

My name is Ada, a trained lawyer, a woman, wife, mother, and a scholar as they say, learning never ends. I’m passionate about writing. Whenever something comes to my mind I jot it down quickly no matter how small or irrelevant it might seem perhaps in the future it can serve as a source of inspiration for something more transcendental. My experience in leadership and management has always led me to look for ways to be able to help others and this is the reason that leads to the emergence of this blog.

I am fueled by my passion for the protection and defense of women’s rights. I consider myself a “forever leaner” eager to build on my academic foundations in Law. My hunger and quest for knowledge and determination to make an impact in the society as a woman has made me to see education as “a- never- end”, thus my continuing education in one of the Universities in Spain. I believe mindfulness in the workplace is a key to success, the principle I live out through my interest in Sports.

Have you ever been or felt discriminated against? Or you know someone nearby who has been, your sister, wife or daughter, please endeavor to follow the subsequent posts. However it is not out of place to point out that Majority of women suffer every day some form of discrimination without realizing it , the reason being that not all discrimination are clear and direct. There are some indirect discrimination , those we are going to find out together.

However that isn’t the only topic to be found on the blog , on the blog you ‘ll find some many other interesting topics such as Career and motherhood, Decision Making and others, using personal experiences and that of many others who care to share their stories and experiences as case studies. Thanks for being here!

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This blog emerges with the intention of analyzing and combating the gender discrimination that exists in our society. It is intended to increase critical awareness, knowledge about gender discrimination and the capacity for action to cope with situations of inequality. It is intended to be of use to anyone who has an interest in these issues and especially to women who suffer from any type of discrimination today.

Discrimination against women being the fundamental issue discussed on the blog, however that is not the only topic to be found here, the blog also aims to address other issues that may be of interest: decision-making and personal empowerment, how motherhood can be compatible with professional development at work and any other that may be proposed.

We understand this blog as a work in progress, constantly under construction and open that will gladly welcome any contribution, whether critical, amendments, experiences or comments.

The ultimate goal is that each person can bring out the best of himself or herself to be able to contribute to a world free from gender discrimination where everyone is respected and treated equally. A better world world for our children!!